Basic Citation Rules for the APA Format

Basic Citation Rules for the APA Format

Just like the way other papers look, dissertations also have guidelines that they follow. Students must strictly follow these guidelines if they want to get marks. And also if they want to go through with that stage. When you write you write your paper using the APA guidelines, there are basic citation rules that you must follow. When you follow the guidelines and cite your work properly? You will conclude that you have finished your work. In case you need to get help writing your paper in this kind of format, do not hesitate to ask for it. 

When writing a dissertation with the format of APA, it will distinguish this dissertation from other papers. 

Font style and size

According to the guidelines of writing a dissertation in APA format, you need to know that you have to use a font size of about 12 points, use a style of times new roman, or use the courier style of font. For if the titles, the manual tells us that you can use at least three levels.


A dissertation paper that you consider to be excellent must have capitalization on the following. 

  • The main words have four or many more letters. 
  • The names of departments, tests and courses, theories, and hypotheses must not have any capitalization element.


As you have seen in many other articles, the authors have used the APA format for writing them. When you use this style, it will not require you to use very biased Language. For example, words like ‘gay’ or ‘Hispanic’ can rewrite them as ‘homosexuals’ or ‘Mexicans,’ respectively. If you are a student who will not follow these simple examples, you will have a bad dissertation. 


When making a PowerPoint presentation, you must know that you must use the APA style correctly. One of the instructions that you have to follow is that expressions and common fractions – one must spell them out in a correct way. You have to spell every number that is less than ten. For example, you can say ‘seven cows,’ not ‘7 cows’. And then if you are writing the total of people above 10, you have to write ’11 cows’ not ‘eleven cows’.

Tables and charts for dissertation proposals

If you have done your research and it has statistics as being part of it. According to the APA guidelines, one should number the tables, not using letters. Make sure you write something like, ‘table 4’ and then ‘table 6. Do not write something like ‘table 3a’ or ‘table 4be. The description of what is in the table should follow after the number of the table.

All rows and columns of the table should have headings. Those numbers are below the value of ten. One should put a zero after the decimal point.

Other kinds of APA formats are in the publication of the APA manual. And therefore are in the libraries and some online platforms. It is crucial to read some dissertation samples that are in line with what you are studying.

For example, if you are doing a course of Ph.D. in chemistry, the dissertation has chemistry. It is very appropriate for a dissertation. 


Do not forget to use English that is understandable to the reader. Make sure you understand the difference between various formats. APA format is for writing essays. Make sure that when getting articles, look for the ones in line with the topic of study.

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