Popular PhD Thesis Defense Myths

Popular PhD Thesis Defense Myths

Defending your thesis is huge in your academic career. It is the part where you do not want to mess up everything. Because if you mess up, all that you are doing in your research will be for nothing. It is not a good sign in your academic journey. There are so many defense myths out there, and I will talk about them in a minute. If you are so anxious about defending your thesis, you do not need to worry. Just take deep breathes. The truth is that most students take defending the thesis to be something that is for formality. It is because, when you reach this point of your studying, you are moving closer to graduation. 

Now the thing is, when committee members approve your defense for your thesis, your success to graduate is close to one hundred percent. If you are still doubting, check out these myths below.


  • If you do not have a response to all questions, the committee will not approve your thesis. It is always excellent to do some preparation before you go to the defense of your thesis. But do not try to force yourself to know everything you will defend because It will not guarantee you to pass this stage. So do not go in there expecting to know everything. Once you do your research and all those that are part of the research, you qualify to be an expert researcher. You have to know that when you research everything by yourself, you must not know all the things. Research is not a journey that will end soon. It is a process that is continuing even if you are an expert. Your committee wants to make you make mistakes. Now when you are before your committee, you will think that they are looking for minor mistakes to make you fail. But in an actual sense, they are there to enable you to realize your potential. 
  • The committee is part of your team. They are there to support you so that you win (graduate). It is a thesis defense that is yours, so you have to take charge of whatever is happening. It is something that is your future, so you have to take it seriously. Of course, there are those moments when the committee will ask you questions that feel like they are holding you back. But the whole situation is for your good. 
  • Starting over when the defense of your thesis does not go according to plan. Fears like supposing your thesis statements turn upside down. Or maybe your committee has an idea of making you alter some things before you go to the next stage of graduation. Suppose such a scenario is going likely to happen. Then you will not go back to the first level or zero levels. If your committee asks you to change anything, the changes in there are just small. You will not need to do comprehensive research all over again. If you are defending your thesis, surprises rarely exist.
  • The people part of your committee are experts. This myth is that the members who are part of your committee are experts in your field, not you. It is not true. You see, you are the one in control here. Don’t look down on yourself. The thing is, you are the one with the knowledge of what you are doing. You see, whatever you research, you know a lot of it than your supervisor. It is something that you have come up with by yourself, and it is work that is original. A thesis statement is like someone doing a test that they have more knowledge than the people who are giving the test. 


Now since you have an idea of the myths about the thesis’s defense, there is no need to get scared go for it.

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