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Melissa Reyes

Born and raised in idyllic suburbs of Los Angeles, Melissa “Miz Meliz” Reyes first made a name for herself in the lifestyle blogging world telling stories of the people and places that make the City of Angels unique and stirring. As a writer, blogger, artist, parent, life coach, and live streaming host, Miz Meliz shares what she loves about life and helps others find the things they love that makes their lives worth living.

She currently hosts or co-hosts three live-streamed shows. On Inspiring Adventures, she interviews people who have uplifting experiences, touching narratives, or just a good story to tell the world. As creator and host of Last Night’s Show with Miz Meliz, she shares her Los Angeles exploits, with a touch of humor and often a bit of sass. And as co-host of Paint With Heart, she brings a beginner’s point of view – and some more of that sass, to Cindy Harrison’s (sometimes challenging) on-line art class.

Her first book, This is the Sound of My Soul, illustrates her journey of grieving the loss of her parents and sister, while maintaining her roles of mother and wife.

She has been voted one of the Top 50 Personal Development Blogs for 2012, selected as one of the Top 100 Personal Development Blogs for 2013, and selected as one of Guided Minds 101 Most Inspiring Blogs of 2016.

She is Co-Founder/Owner of BubblrMedia Network.

And when she’s not doing all the things noted above, you can probably find her cruising along Pacific Coast Highway in her Jeep, with the top down, soaking up the sunshine and sea air.

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