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Kristin Cruz

Hi! I’m Kristin Cruz & I’m so happy you are here with me. What started off as a hot mess has turned into a devotion to becoming that domestic goddess I never knew I wanted to be- while holding on to my hustle. With a plan, some creativity, a lot of work, & my mommy-brain (in a good way) I decided to start on my path to having it all. I can sing with Stevie Wonder (and I did) but I can’t boil an egg, or get to the gym (and I still haven’t). Life as ME: A whole person AND a parent, is a journey, & I’m packing healthy snacks, making a killer playlist, & mapping our BEST route.


Voted Top 5 Female Radio DJ’s in America.  Former Morning Host “Mark & Kristin Show” KOST 103.5  Spokesperson at


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