Jamie Lewis Makeup Life and Love | Chief Beauty Editor

Jamie Lewis

Jamie Lewis is the creative mind behind the website Makeup Life and Love. After spending nearly a decade in finance and her free time searching in pursuit for her love of beauty both online and off, Jamie launched Makeup Life and Love. Through Makeup Life and Love, Jamie became a woman on a mission to infuse more beauty into the world with her wealth of knowledge and passion for all things beauty related.

Through Jamie’s goal of inspiring women, she developed a love for design aesthetic and was intrigued on learning how to design, create and build beauty websites designed to attract consumers and brands. Jamie instantly began to develop a new passion after creating her own website and watching her idea and vision come to life, she sought out to began learning to code files, html, and website framework platforms. Through this process she began to play with her fellow blogger friends websites and help create beautiful, functional websites that spoke not only to their brand at heart, but also to current consumer relationships and brand partnerships. Watching her clients visions come to life, this paved the way for Jamie to create MLL Design + Branding Studio; a one stop shop for bloggers, creatives, and small businesses.

On most days, Jamie can be found sharing her wealth of knowledge about beauty and skincare for the everyday women and various ways to incorporate beauty into their lives without feeling overwhelmed through new content, writing for national websites like Pop Sugar, or helping fellow bloggers, creative entrepreneurs and small business owners create, and build the brand of their dreams. In her spare time, Jamie can be found dreaming in design aesthetic and code, relaxing with her two dogs, or enjoying time with friends and family in the City of Angels.

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