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Laura Medina-Filipowicz, CEO of ConnectHER Media, is a vlogger, successful entrepreneur and founder of the ConnectHER Media conference for Influencers, Brands & Entrepreneurs.  In 2008 she had a vision to connect local brands with influencers and moms and was one of the first to successfully create influential networking circles and produce events like the ConnectHER Media Event and The We Heart Moms exclusive celebration Suite in 2011. As the one of the pioneers of pop-up events and influential conferences, Laura has been able to provide the platform for brands, influencers and mompreneurs to connect and develop solid relationships with measurable ROI.

Laura has produced six successfull ConnectHER Media conference and numerous events over the span of 10 years including , but several months prior to the 2013 ConnectHER Conference, Laura was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent immediate brain surgery, preventing her from producing ConnectHER 2013. During her recovery period, she co-created Family Vacation Hub with her husband and they both currently write about family travel.

Laura has been featured on as one of the Many Faces of Latina Entrepreneurs, was named One of the Best Bloggers in Los Angeles by Red Tricycle in 2012 and voted Top 25 So Cal Moms to follow by Circle of Moms. Laura has worked with Celebrity Mompreneurs like Ali Landry and recently sat alongside celebrity momprener Jessica Alba in an open discussion about The Entrepreneurial Mom. Laura is highly respected within the business and mom community for her involvement and support for moms, mompreneurs and women women in business.

She is currently in full production mode for the much anticipated event in Las Vegas in 2017! Expect nothing less that spectacular!







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