A MomPreneur’s Story: Meet Arbonne’s Regional Vice President

I’m Julia Breitman, an Independent Consultant and Regional Vice President with Arbonne International. Most people don’t care about the safety of our personal care, wellness and beauty products that we use daily until we or someone we love has a serious health issue. Then, we start reading ALL of our labels—not just those on our food!
I started my Arbonne business over ten years ago when I was searching for pure, safe and beneficial products for my family because my three children at the time were diagnosed on the autism spectrum. We were consulting with doctors all over the country who told us to minimize toxins because studies were showing that our children were more susceptible to toxin-overload which exacerbated their symptoms. When I discovered that what you put on your skin goes directly into your blood stream and to every major organ within 26 seconds, I knew that I needed to be more diligent with the products my family was using each day.  I was looking for a company that made safe products to take the guess-work out for me. Arbonne was the answer.
Arbonne’s philosophy of providing safe products that actually produce high-end results was very attractive to me. However, I’m an attorney by profession so skeptical by nature. When I tried the famous RE9 Anti-Aging skincare, not only did my rosacea and cystic acne of twenty years disappear, but friends and family actually noticed! My children’s chronic eczema also went away after using the Arbonne baby care products for only a week. I read the ingredients for the nutritional supplements and realized that many of the products contained ingredients my naturopath doctor was prescribing for my children. Whereas many of the doctor’s products were difficult to ingest, Arbonne provided a liquid tea beverage and powder forms that were easy for my children to take daily. The vegan pea protein shake was delicious in comparison to the one we were purchasing online.
The Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living Program and Beyond has been a cornerstone for better health for my family. Not only did I lose 95 pounds and have maintained it for 5 years but my family has thrived by continuing to use the products on a daily basis. The program is all about eliminating toxins and alkalizing the body to reduce inflammation so the body no longer stores fat to protect vital organs and can regulate the pH level to maintain optimum health. It’s all about eating wholesome foods that serve the body well and supplements to increase the body’s ability to function. Not only has my family had tremendous results on the program but thousands of clients throughout the years have experienced great results, too. My husband lost 150 cholesterol points, I’ve had clients who were pre-diabetic lose the diagnosis, and others have gotten off prescription medications they’ve been on for years. Simply by changing the diet and way of thinking about food, people are becoming healthier!
Today, my children are recovered from autism, and I had a fourth child at almost 40 year of age who doesn’t have a scintilla of autism . I was told that it was impossible for me to have a baby naturally, but after cleaning up my system, my Hashimoto’s thyroid disease went away, and I got pregnant naturally to the surprise of all my doctors! Baby #4 was the only one who went full term—I was actually healthier at 40 than I was at 30!
Arbonne 250+ products are all exceptional and produce amazing results in a safe manner but I truly believe our best product is the business. So many people are looking for more time and money, and Arbonne offers both. The thought of practicing law for 80-100 hours a week was not appealing to me after having children. I only wanted to work 10-15 hour a week so I could be present raising my children. Starting my Arbonne business was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Financial experts advise us that everyone should have multiple streams of income in order to be financially secure. We’re all using personal care products; Arbonne is simply an opportunity to change an expense into a source of income. Instead of giving money to the top retailers, we redirect our spending to our Arbonne store and we get amazing products at a huge, affordable discount, profit-sharing for sharing the brand, tax write-offs and benefits, and opportunities to earn free vacations, Tiffany jewelry and a Mercedes. The past 10 years, I’ve built a multi-million dollar willable asset, earned eight 5-star incentive trips, Tiffany jewelry and gifts AND a Mercedes—simply for changing my brands and telling others!
This is why I’m passionate about teaching and helping others. Arbonne is my vehicle to help the world become healthier, wealthier and have overall well-being, one person/family at a time. My family has truly been the “poster family” for you are what you absorb! I wish I had known of this business model in my 20’s—imagine the lives that could have been changed?! Thankfully, I discovered it in my 30’s so I can offer hope, health and a fulfilling life to others. There is surely nothing more rewarding than helping others to become successful and pursue their dreams!

I look forward to meeting you at #ConnectHER16. Look for us in the main ballroom and swag hall!

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Posted August 15, 2016 in: Beauty, Lifestyle by ConnectHER Media

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